Recent events (minor rant)

Unless y’all live in a cave under a rock, you’ve been inundated by news about the Zimmerman verdict. Now I’m not going to go into my thoughts on the verdict itself. What I am going to vent about is the plethora of entertainers that are sounding off on the issue as if their words are pronouncements from Mt. Olympus. C’mon… Kim freaking Kardashian tweeting support for Trayvon when her father helped get O.J. acquitted? 

Anyhoo, the straw that triggered my rant was an article I read this morning about Stevie Wonder. Seems he’s announced that from now on, he will not perform in any state that has a “Stand Your Ground” type law on the books. Grand publicity seeking gesture with little impact. Reading that made me dig up a quote from the greatest actor of the last 100 years (at least in my mind.) 

“I’m opposed to actors taking sides in public and spouting spontaneously about love, religion, or politics. We aren’t experts on these subjects. Personally I’m a mass of inconsistencies when it comes to politics. My opinions are constantly changing. That’s why I don’t ever take a public stand on issues.” — Cary Grant.



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One of my little obsessions

I’ve got a crush on a foreigner. A foreign country to be exact. “But Ken,” you say, “There’s nothing wrong with crushing on a foreign country. We all want to travel.”  But now comes the guilty part of my infatuation. The country I’m so enthralled by is the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Her friends call her N. Korea (or Best Korea, if you’re a habitué of a certain web site)

I’m not too certain when it started. I know it started small. Occasional glimpses online, the odd documentary on Netflix…you know how it goes. Next thing I know, I’m watching Chosun TV at 0300  and looking for a Korean language pack for Rosetta Stone.

I think one of the things that fascinates me so much about the DPRK is that it is such an enigma. (NOTE: I’m not going to go into anything political, theirs or ours.) It’s like a through the looking glass experience. For example, July 27th,1953 is the day the armistice was signed that ended the Korean conflict. Well, it is in the rest of the world. In the DPRK, it’s the “Day of Victory in the Fatherland Liberation War”.

From now until the 27th, Korean Central TV, the state-run (and only) TV broadcaster available to N. Korean citizens will be devoting all its time to whipping the citizenry into a patriotic fervor. Right now, for example, it’s showing period clips that presuming to show the numerous victories of the glorious KPA against the imperialistic US/UN forces.  On one hand, it’s fascinating to see history from a seldom seen viewpoint. On the other hand, it’s scary/sad that for the people that live in the DPRK, this is all the history they will ever know.

BTW, if anyone is interested, KCTV is available streaming (for now) at the following:

It starts at 0300CST during the week, and 2300CST on weekends.

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As I may have mentioned, I’m brand new to the blogging/writing thing. So far all I know is that I really want to do it.  I’ve followed a lot of neat folks on Twitter, and I have a list of blogs I want to read a mile long, so hopefully there will be order out of chaos in the near future. I’ve even taken to carrying a small notebook with me when I go out, for any possible ideas that pop up. I know, baby steps…

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I’d just like to say thanks to those who have followed me, and those that will. Post may be few and far between at first, mainly because this is all new for me. Also, I’m trying to read everyone else’s blog at the same time. But have patience, friends 🙂

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Hello, world!

This is my first blog, so it’s definitely a work in progress. A little bit about me- I’m a Transplant from Chicagoland to Texas. Gamer,anime and sci-fi fan. Aspiring writer. TF’er. 

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